In the air

This is my first trip back to the States since early June. A few days in NYC for the International Emmys and related activities, and home in the Palm Springs area for three days. As we were flying out to LAX from JFK, I was perusing the United Airlines magazine. A funny thing struck me as an United executive was explaining in his column, that they and other US carriers haven’t gotten it right when it comes to airline comfort and service. This used to be a hallmark of international travel, but, that and many things that were once important in the American workplace, have gone away.

UAL is now excited that it’s going to catch up with the likes of Virgin Atlantic, BA, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines and other international carriers and seriously cater to the business class traveller. Lufthansa, my preferred carrier is so far superior to UAL and its American counterparts, that one wonders whether the US carriers have purposely put travellers through the ringer even though the discount carriers like SouthWest continue to take signficiant market share from the old, “legacy” carriers.

So, many years after British Airways created a truly wonderful experience in business travel, one US carrier has awakened to the fact that perhaps it’s time to concentrate on service and comfort, again. Maybe they’ll get it right this time. I kind of doubt it.

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