Tx msgs r 15 yrs old

R top story 4 2day, Txt msgs r 15 yrs old

That was the headline in Wednesday, November 5th’s International Herald Tribune, top of the fold, upper left hand corner of the front page.

We were living overseas in 1992 when SMS (Short Message Service), also known as text messaging began.

When I would fly home to the States, people would stare at me as I typed with my thumbs on the Nokia or Ericsson cell phones I had. I was struck at the immediacy of sending quick messages and getting instant responses.

As mobile phones quickly became part of our changing culture, SMS became routine.

And now, half of this posting is being sent via my BlackBerry as I watch our 10pm Puls Raport newscast, I can’t imagine how we lived without SMS communications.

Americans are beginning to catch on, albeit not as rapidly as Asians and Europeans.

It’s not cheap, but given the costs of voice calling overseas and in the States, it’s reasonable and quick. TTYL.

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