You want what!

Let’s be clear, as President-elect Obama, often says. The 3 Detroit automakers want more taxpayer money, because they’re running out of the last bailout. If “Detroit” doesn’t get it, GM says they’ll go broke by year’s end. So, what? I’m sorry for the millions of workers that might be connected to GM and the ancillary businesses, but, the truth of the matter is, we would be rewarding the US automakers for producing crap cars. Yes crap cars.

I haven’t owned a US crap car since 1980 after my Cutlass Supreme died on the Niagara Falls bridge. The starter had to be replaced. This is about 6 weeks after the engine died and something else had to be replaced. And this was after I traded in my previous car from Oldsmobile, a sports car, because the starter died. I’ve never looked back. I’ve been more than pleased with Volvos, Hondas and Hyndais along the way.

If they can produce good to great cars efficiently, why can’t Detroit? In the end, I’m sure Congress will find some reason to throw more money at the automakers, but there must be conditions. It’s not a great time to be taking about more retrenchment. But, the issues that confront Detroit didn’t happen over night. They have been stuck in the deep freeze for at least 40 years.

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