Meeting one of television’s giants

There are few places on our planet more beautiful and relaxing than Monte Carlo, Monaco. The tiny Principality generally has pristine weather, excellent service and wonderful cuisine.

For 49 years, the Monte Carlo Television Festival takes place here.

The Nymph Awards for excellence in television are given each year. It’s also an opportunity for well-known actors and actresses, directors and producers, to be interviewed by the media. Some are here as judges for the Nymph Awards. Others are here to promote their series.

Joe Sargent, who’s a veteran of motion picture and television, is the head of this year’s jury. As television’s history is written, you’ll see his works and think fondly of them. From his early work on “Lassie” to “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.”, the a stunning motion picture thriller, “The Taking of Pelham One, Two, Three” starring Robert Shaw and Walter Matthau, (recently remade with John Travolta), the brilliant “The Man” with James Earl Jones; “Col0ssus: The Forbin Project” (his first feature); to some of television’s finest, “The Marcus-Nelson Murders”, which inspired the “Kojak” series; “Tribes” and “The Night That Panicked America”, Joe Sargent is at the top of the list for producing riveting stories that capture quality along with ratings or box office grosses. His most-recent work for HBO, “Warm Springs,” was another brilliant achievement capturing the struggles and determination of FDR when confronting polio, which afflicted him for 25 years until his death. 

It would be wise for television programmers to take a hard look at the likes of Joe Sargent. It’s not too late to save television – broadcasting and cable, from the too frequent scheduling of senseless drama, comedy and the overabundant use of silly reality shows. Our medium will be better for it, as will our viewers.

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